Rosie and Dan Smith

About Us

Husband-and-wife team, Kylie-Rose (affectionately known as Rosie) and Dan Smith offer beautiful family and wedding photography in Mandurah and surrounding areas as well as covering special events such as pregnancy photoshoots, birthday parties, engagement parties and corporate events.

Photograph by Elizabeth Clancy

We are both visual people. Rosie is a photographer by trade and Dan is a photographer in addition to being a photo-realist painter who works with a leading gallery in London. Both of us are skilled wedding and portrait photographers, but have a wealth of other artistic influences and experience which gives our work a distinctive edge. Dan brings the eye of a painter to his photographic work and Rosie draws on her background as a creative and artistic photographer and film maker.
We have a strong technical knowledge and also a good understanding of what is expected in terms of formal photographs and in addition to this we have an artistic background and thirst for getting creative. What we most enjoy is capturing those fleeting moments of tenderness, laughter and tears of joy. It is these moments which bring the story to life and will help rekindle the memories when you look through your photos in many years to come.
We have the advantage of being a husband and wife team which means we get to shoot the wedding from a male and female perspective, and of course it means that Rosie is able to take relaxed photographs of the bride getting ready.
We like to offer good service, good products and good value. This is why all our wedding photography packages come with a high-resolution disk of the photos in colour and black and white so you are free to print as many photos as you like.