Rosie and Dan Smith


Dear Rosie and Dan,
Thankyou very much for your wonderful help and support leading up to the wedding. Thank you also for everything you both did on the day to help make our day as wonderful as it was. We had an amazing wedding day and it is thanks to both of you that we will be able to look back and remember the joy and happiness that we all shared; and most importantly the FUN that everyone was having! We are so happy and grateful that you were able to capture this very, very special day for us; and that you were both able to be part of it.
Thanks again!
Clare and Justin (Mr and Mrs Barr!)

Rosie and Dan have created such great pics of our family - working quickly with the children making them feel at ease and bringing out their
personalities. Their home studio kit was a big hit with the kids... they were all curious as to what this set-up was and definitely made them relax
and enjoy the session. Thanks Rosie and Dan
for such an amazing job!
- Liz and Ed Merrison

Dear Rosie,
The photos are fantastic. And now more than ever we are struck by how these pictures are the memories that get to live on; they appear live and 3D.
You have captured such incredible glances and so many pictures tell such a complex story - all with just one snap. I'm in awe of your eye for detail and creativity.
The use of grass and flowers in soft focus is amazing. You've definitely inspired with the idea of using three pictures of a moving motion - we love this and will find a way to use it
-Beck and Rich Green