We are a small friendly, family run business.

We specialises in family photography, wedding photography, lifestyle photography, business branding, events and corporate photography.

We DON'T have champagne and expensive cinema viewing rooms.

We DON'T have hidden costs.

We DON'T advertise a free or cheap portrait session and then charge you hundreds of dollars for a small print.

We DO have fair prices and special deals so whatever your budget you can get some beautiful natural photographs.

Our pricelist:

30 minute OUTDOOR mini session $200 - includes 15 images high resolution on a DVD for you to print as many photographs as you like - and an online gallery so you can share your session with friends and family. Mini sessions are Rockingham area only.

1 hour OUTDOOR or In-Home Lifestyle photo shoot $325 - includes a minimum of 40 images high resolution on a DVD for you to print as many photographs as you like - and an online gallery so you can share your session with friends and family. In-Home Lifestyle photo shoots capture naturalistic portraits harnessing the home's existing light. One professional studio light can be used when light is poor in the home.

2 hour OUTDOOR or In-Home Lifestyle photo shoot or Mobile Studio with black or white background $450 - includes a minimum of 60 images high resolution on a DVD for you to print as many photographs as you like - and an online gallery so you can share your session with friends and family. This package is recommended for larger families, formal portrait sittings and newborn sessions.

Images presented in both colour and black and white.

Please note the prices above are for metro and Mandurah area only. Small travel fee may apply for shoots outside of these areas.

General info

We aim to create a family portrait session that is fun and relaxed, this means that we can get the best photos possible for you. Whether we photogragh in your home or your favourite location, we find that children warm to us quite quickly which allows us to capture natural and beautiful images of your children playing and being themselves. Bring along toys and all kinds of outfits, crayons and anything else you can think of. We're not trying to get staged photos, the more at home the children feel, the better the results. We try to capture all the sides of a little personality; the laughter and tears, the grumpy face, the excited face.... it all helps to tell a story.


We also offer the choice of our In-Home Lifestyle shoot or an outdoor photo shoot in your favourite setting.

Having a mobile studio kit means that we can come to you and capture studio quality, contemporary photographs in the comfort of your own home. The great thing with our mobile studio is that we can set it up anywhere. It takes a few minutes to get ready and we can work in pretty much any amount of space. The lighting kit we use is the very best so we can bring a professional quality studio to your home.

In addition to the studio photography, photographing at your home allows us the chance to get some natural light portraits around the house or in the garden.


We also love to go to parks or to the beach for a photo session. Grafittied walls can also offer some really great backdrops for portraits.

The weather of course is beyond our control with outdoor photography, but in the event of a rainy day we can postpone the session - or alternatively grab your umbrellas and wellies and jump in the puddles for a playful approach to your family portraits.

Some people like to have a combination of studio and naturalistic photographs of their family. For this we would recommend a two hour session.

Joint Sessions

If you just want a few photos of your children or family and want to keep the costs down, then why not share a session with a few friends or family members. Each group can have a quick half hour session which will be more than enough to get a selection of beautiful images. We are very flexible, so can create a special package for you, just ask us and we'll see what we can do.

What happens next?

Approximately 1-2 weeks after the photo shoot, we will present you with the very best images from the session. These will be uploaded onto our online gallery which you can access at any time. Your personal online gallery can be password protected if you wish. Each of the best images will be presented in colour and black and white.

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